Something that I have always done with cars, is if it is a pair, replace in pairs. So, if you need to replace 1 tire, replace both for that end. I've done it in the past where I've only replaced 1 of a pair, and it always ended badly, or became a pain in the ass somewhere. I mean, since you still have one that has… » 9/29/14 8:21am Monday 8:21am

I think Porsche realized the futility of these types of bumpers, because it was only the turbos that came with those, and then later models all came with them. I have an '86 with the 3 piece front bumper set up, and holy hell, while it does look good in it's own way, god help you if it gets damaged. Each piece runs a… » 9/26/14 11:08am Friday 11:08am

Johnson also told the LA Times that the teens being held at the detention center have all committed at least three felonies, which range, ABC New reports, from "a history of running away to burglary and theft, violent crimes, drug-related crimes, foster care problems and mental health needs."

» 9/02/14 8:53am 9/02/14 8:53am

It's rare to see one that isn't completely riced out and destroyed by someones bad decisions. The later models only made around 108 Hp, however, they also only weighed about 2000 pounds. An 89 SI manual weighed 2100 pounds. That's stock, you could do a whole lot with these cars, just like any other Honda. If you drop… » 8/27/14 2:12pm 8/27/14 2:12pm